Learning Programmes

An apprenticeship is a technical training system that includes practical and theoretical training. They are offered in particular trades such as millwright/fitter and after passing a trade test the learner/employee is recognised as an artisan.
Apprenticeships are different from learnerships in that they are job oriented and relate to a specific trade. Any person over the age of 16 may apply, however good marks in maths and science increase the chances of learners being selected to participate.

Learnerships are created with the job market in mind. If there are any skills shortages within the economy, learnerships can be created to train people for the skill. Learnerships address skills shortages and contribute towards creating jobs and resolving the unemployment crisis. Any person either employed or unemployed can participate in learnerships and they normally take up to a year to complete.

EWSETA offers bursaries annually for educational programmes that address identified critical and scarce skills in the Energy and Water Services sector. Bursaries are granted in line with sector requirements as well as the National Skills Development Strategy III (NSDS III).

Bursary Application Form

Available Bursaries and Closing Dates

An internship is a temporary position created within a company to provide learners with supervised on the job training. Internships are usually for graduates who are seeking some kind of work experience at an entry level. An intern can be paid or partly paid by the company, there are currently no rules or regulations regarding internships.