EWSETA invites applications for DG funding.

EWSETA Discretionary Grant Funding Window

2019/20 Financial Year

Closing Date: 13 December 2019 at 16.30

The Energy and Water Sector Education and Training (EWSETA) is a statutory body established in terms of the Skills Development Act (1998) as amended; to advance skills levels in accordance with the National Skills Development Strategy (NSDS) III.  The SETA Grant Regulations (2012), as amended, prescribe that 80% of discretionary grant must be allocated to Professional, Vocational, Technical and Academic Learning (PIVOTAL) programmes that result in qualifications or part qualifications, to develop the sector in accordance with the priorities outlined in EWSETA’s Sector Skills Plan (SSP) that address the skills needs identified on EWSETA’s PIVOTAL skills list for its sub-sectors.

EWSETA invites all stakeholders within the energy and water sector to submit proposals for Discretionary Grant funding for the 2019/20 financial year.

EWSETA’s strategic intent is limited to address national imperatives within the energy and water sector. This includes:

  • Technological advancements in the sector (including Photovoltaic (PV), Solar Installation and Maintenance Capabilities)
  • Strategic Infrastructure Programmes (SIPs) and Infrastructure Maintenance
  • Fourth Industrial Revolution (i.e. Emerging Technologies and Artificial Intelligence Skills)
  • Operation Phakisa – Oil and Gas
  • Green Economy
  • Water Resource Management
  • Waste Water
  • Water Scarcity and Water Security (i.e. Groundwater, Desalination, Rainwater Harvesting, Demand Management and Mine Water Drainage.)
  • Water-Energy-Food Nexus: Innovative Irrigation Technologies, Decentralised Filtering and Irrigation Solutions
  • Energy Management/Maintenance
  • Environmental Science/Regulations
  • National Geographical Transformative Imperative
  • Climate Change
Pivotal Programmes/ Funding Windows Target Applicants Target Beneficiaries
Learnerships Levy Paying Employers AND SMMEs AND Non-Levy Paying Employers. Unemployed Learners
Apprenticeships/Artisans Levy Paying Employers AND Public TVET (Dual System). Unemployed Learners
Bursaries Levy Paying Employer AND TVET Colleges AND Universities AND Students. Employed and Unemployed Learners
University/TVET Student Placements and Internships Levy Paying Employers AND SMMEs. Employed and Unemployed Learners
AET Levy Paying Employers AND SMMEs. Employed Learners
Recognition of Prior Learning Levy Paying Employers AND SMMEs. Employed Learners
Candidacy Levy Paying Employers AND SMMEs. Employed and Unemployed Learners


SMMEs – Small Medium and Micro Enterprises

TVET – Technical Vocational Education and Training

Important note to stakeholders: Preference will be given to all top ten (10) PIVOTAL Skills Gap. All stakeholders applying for the PIVOTAL programmes must refer to the EWSETA PIVOTAL Skills List and Discretionary Grant Funding Policy which can be obtained on the EWSETA website:  www.ewseta.org.za


All applications must be completed and signed off by authority as per the proposal templatePlease click here to download the DG Grant Proposal Template.

The proposal must be accompanied by the following documents:

  • Proof of banking details (Cancelled cheque or letter from the bank);
  • Current Customer Supplier Database Document;
  • Proof of company / organisation address;
  • A company / organisation’s registration certificate;
  • Valid Proof of Accreditation for interventions applied for (EWSETA and other SETA’s);
  • A valid Tax Clearance Certificate;
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for experiential/theoretical learning where applicable;
  • Company Profile:
    • Must outline the following:
      • Experienced Implementation Team;
      • Strong Programme Management Processes;
      • Knowledge Management System;
      • Resource Rich Learner Support (problem based mentoring guides);
      • Please note application for funding is subject to EWSETA’s current project status.
    • Current Learner Database with names; surname; Identity number; highest qualifications.

Please click here to submit your completed application.  Note completed application must be submitted in PDF format.

EWSETA reserves the right not to make any awards and the right to allocate grants proportionately to ensure an equitable distribution of grants.

E-mail contact details:

projects@ewseta.org.za for all queries relating to the DG grant process

dgsubmissions@ewseta.org.za for any IT related/technical queries