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An important mandate for South Africa’s 21 SETAs is the development, quality assurance and compliance of qualifications developed for the sector/s they represent. As a QCTO delegated Development Quality Partner (DQP) the EWSETA is responsible for the development of qualifications in response to the skills needs of the energy and water sectors.

The EWSETA is also required to align existing unit standards qualifications against the new occupational qualifications depending on whether there are learners registered against those unit standards qualifications. SETAs are no longer permitted to develop new or review current unit standards qualifications.

The QCTO is responsible for quality assurance of occupational qualifications; recommendation of qualifications to SAQA for registration; as well as accreditation of training providers against the occupational qualifications.

The EWSETA is responsible for registering Learnerships against the Occupational Qualifications with DHET.

In addition to its role as a DQP, the EWSETA has been delegated by the QCTO to fulfil the role of an Assessment Quality Partner (AQP). This requires the EWSETA to develop qualification assessment instruments, as well as manage and fund the external integrated summative assessment of specific NQF registered occupational qualifications and part qualifications.

EWSETA Qualifications Registered at SAQA

EWSETA Qualifications Recommended for SAQA Registration

EWSETA Qualifications for Public Comment

  • There are currently no qualifications open for public comment

EWSETA Qualifications Under Development

Accredited SDP? Apply for Accreditation in EWSETA Registered Qualifications

The EWSETA invites eligible Skills Development Providers (SDP) to apply for accreditation through the QCTO

  • Click here to link to the QCTO accreditation process and the e-form
  • Queries regarding SDP accreditation? Send a mail to accreditation@qcto.org.za
  • Click here to download the QCTO SDP Accreditation Policy
  • Click here to download criteria and guidelines for SDP accreditation

List of occupations for which the EWSETA is an AQP



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