EWSETA addressing certification backlog.

Certification Backlog at EWSETA

The EWSETA is implementing a multi-faceted project to address the certification backlog that has impacted learners who have successfully completed trade tests. The following decisive actions have been taken:

  • The EWSETA has partnered with the National Artisan Moderating Body (NAMB) and the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO), and together we are committed to prioritising outstanding certificates.  This includes a bi-weekly meetings with the QCTO team on the status of certificates
  • A temporary project team has been appointed to provide much-needed additional capacity within our Quality Assurance department to process and finalise certificates at a faster pace
  • The EWSETA Executive Management team is taking a ‘hands-on’ approach to this project and will provide additional support and guidance needed to see this project succeed
  • Whilst addressing the backlog, the EWSETA is also committed to ensuring that current Trade Test Centre applications are processed within reasonable timeframes

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War on Leaks Queries: waronleaks@ewseta.org.za

Trade Test Reports: tradetestreport@ewseta.org.za

Trade Test Applications: tradetestapplication@ewseta.org.za

We wish to thank our stakeholders for their understanding and patience and apologise for the inconvenience caused to them, particularly the learners who have been affected