Recognizing the tremendous potential of digital solutions in providing cutting-edge solutions to real world challenges, EWSETA has partnered with the MTN App of the Year Awards 2023 to support the most innovative apps capable of transforming industry.

This year, we are exceptionally excited to see what innovations can be developed for energy and water, given the global challenges that threaten the sustainability of these two critical resources. As a leader in education and training for the energy and water sector, EWSETA strives to cultivate a culture of innovation in the sector. Our participation in the MTN App of the Year Awards seeks to inspire and motivate young minds to think beyond limitations.

We invite visionaries, developers, and tech enthusiasts to join us in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and to create a brighter future for the energy and water sector.

Entries into the MTN App of the Year Awards 2023 is now open and soon the energy and water category will be added to the list. Start thinking of your Sustainable Energy and Water App now.

To enter visit https://appoftheyear.co.za/submit/