EWSETA to Focus on Renewable Energy.

Nine Policy Decisions Outlined in the Integrated Resource Plan 2019

The Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) is an electricity infrastructure development plan based on the least-cost electricity supply and demand balance, taking into account security of supply and the environment through the minimization of negative emission and water use.  It is important because it is South Africa’s plan for the procurement of generation capacity up to 2030.  The 2019 version follows on from the 2010 version promulgated in March 2011.

The IRP 2019 sets out nine policy supply and demand side decisions in the short term to minimize the risk of load shedding and/or extensive use of diesel peaking plants:

  • undertake power purchase programme to acquire capacity
  • undertake technical and regulatory work for the 20-year extension of the life of the Koeberg nuclear power plant beyond 2024
  • support Eskom to comply with minimum emissions standards
  • consolidate into a single team the various initiatives for a just transition for purposes of coherent policy development
  • retain the current annual build limits on renewables (wind and PV) until the finalization of the just transition plan
  • South Africa should not sterilize the development of its coal resources for purposes of power generation, but instead all new coal power projects must be based on high efficiency, low emission technologies and other cleaner coal technologies
  • support the development of gas infrastructure and, in addition to the new gas to power capacity in Table 5, convert all diesel-fired power plants to gas
  • commence preparations for a nuclear build programme to the extent of 2,500MW at a pace and scale that the country can afford because it is a no-regret option in the long term
  • South Africa will participate in strategic power projects that enable the development of cross-border infrastructure needed for regional energy trading.

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SAWEA Drives Move to Wind Energy in South Africa

The South African Wind Energy Association (SAWEA) works to achieve a thriving national commercial wind power industry. Wind power is recognized as a major contributor to sustained social, environmental and economic security.

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